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One short application. Multiple instant quotes.

Get multiple, bindable, instant quotes from top carriers and hundred's of industry classes regionally with just one online application!

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What we insure. Check out some of our top contractor, retail and office classes:

  • Beauty Salons (including professional liability)

  • Contractors- Plumbers

  • Liquor Stores

  • Florists

  • Bakeries

  • Meat Stores

  • Landscapers

  • Medical Offices

  • Law Offices

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Restaurants with 30% or less in liquor sales

  • Food Trucks

  • Retail Stores

  • Wholesale Distributors

  • Veterinary Animal Hospitals

  • Drone Pilots (commercial or personal use)

Available Options:

  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach Response

  • EPLI

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto

  • Professional Liability

  • Liquor Liability 

  • Access to top carriers through a single, quick online application as well as binding and purchasing policies online

  • Instant quote comparison for multiple lines of business

  • Generating certificates of insurance and updating payment methods on one platform

Why Should You Choose Travelers for Your Workers Compensation Needs?

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