What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage? Do I need it?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Common household items protected by Equipment Breakdown Coverage are refrigerators and freezers, heating and air conditioning systems, washers and dryers, home security systems and swimming pool equipment if they break down.

Equipment breakdown coverage, costs around $50 annually for $50,000 of coverage.You normally have a $500 deductible before coverage applies. After the deductible your insurance company may reimburse you to make temporary repairs. Expedite permanent repairs and/or permanent replacement. Pay for loss of perishable goods due to spoilage.

You won’t be reimbursed if the damage or loss is for something that breaks down because it’s old, corroded, or just poorly taken care of.

Equipment breakdown coverage is a tremendous value for the amount of coverage you’re getting.

Hopefully, this article will encourage you discuss Equipment Breakdown coverage with your independent insurance agent/broker. They can help you, but it is your responsibility to choose the insurance that is best for you.

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