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Life insurance just got a whole lot easier.

Life insurance is important for protecting your family and getting covered is simple and convient.

Why life insurance?

Life insurance helps provide financial security for your loved ones if they were to lose you. It can give peace of mind knowing your family won't be left struggling to pay the mortage, tution or other debts.

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Wonder how much coverage you need?

Our coverage calculator helps estimate how much coverage you need to protect your family.

How much does life insurance cost?

It’s different for everyone and varies based on your unique situation. The biggest factors that can affect your premium include:

  • The type of policy you choose: Whole life policies tend to cost more than term life policies because they last for your entire life, and accumulate cash value.

  • The type of underwriting experience you want: Simplified and guaranteed issue policies tend to be more expensive because they don’t require full underwriting and are written without a medical exam.

  • Your coverage amount and term length: Less coverage and shorter term lengths tend to cost less–that’s another reason whole life policies cost more, they never expire.

  • Your age: Younger people typically have lower rates.

  • Your health status: Healthier people typically have lower rates.

  • Your tobacco use: Non-smokers typically have lower rates.

Learn more about how your life insurance rate is calculated.